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M  u  s  i  c

S  y  n  o  p  s  i  s

In a dystopian underground society called Sanctuary, Pandora finds hope that there's life on the surface through messages sent by her mother from the other side. Their leader Amin does everything in his control to keep his subjects underground, telling them that the surface is dangerous and uninhabitable.  He 

decides their purposes through a tool called The Game, a virtual reality simulation in which students have to fight monsters from the surface, also known as outliers. See more here.

W  i  l  s  o  n  v  i  l  l  e     H  i  g  h    S  c  h  o  o  l 

The score for the May 2022 WVHS production was done in Logic Pro X with various instrumental and electronic plugins. 

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