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Joe graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a BFA in music composition. He studied with Nancy Galbraith and additionally received minors in drama and film. He primarily works composer and playwright though he is also a singer/songwriter, screenwriter, and has a hobby of photography.

Joe grew up in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon and recently spent four years in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has temporarily moved back to his home state where he continues to write, compose, and take advantage of the Pacific Northwest's

natural scenery. 

Many of Joe's theatrical and classical works have premiered at Carnegie Mellon. In 2019, he premiered selections for the upcoming work  Birds & Beansprouts  at the CMU School of Drama's Playground Festival. A virtual workshare of select songs and scenes from the current draft of this show was presented in August of 2021. At the 2018 CMU School of Music's Freshman Showcase he premiered two chamber quartet pieces,  For My Sister  and  For Her Sister.  In 2017, he premiered a piece with Wilsonville High School's Symphonic Choir entitled  The Wind  and premiered his first musical, the original one act  Class of ________ with the Wilsonville High School Drama Club. In December of 2019 he released his first single entitled  There is a Light.  In April of 2022, the Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic premiered  Hear the Waters,  an orchestral piece with live visual accompaniment of footage from around the state of Oregon.

Joe's Vibes Playlist
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