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At age five, Shaylee's mother went missing. At age eighteen, Shaylee is now applying to college to be a songwriter, attempting to create a new life free of any connection to her traumas. While in the midst of preparing for auditions, she unsuspectedly gets sucked into the world of her memories. Set in Oregon, this story tells us to never forget where we've come from or where we're going and to face the challenges our own mental health may present.

Production History

A virtual workshare of song and scene excerpts was presented on August 29th, 2021.

A condensed staged reading was produced at Carnegie Mellon on December 6th, 2019. 

Musical Numbers - Act One

Wind Through the Trees - Ensemble

Still - Shaylee, Ensemble

Ponderosa Pine - All

Still (reprise) - Shaylee

Horizon Lines - Ariel

Build to be Better - Ben, Hannah

The Little Bird - Shaylee, Camden

(memory cloud 1) - Ensemble

I May Seem Like I'm Crazy - Camden

The Stars Fade Away - Ensemble

I'm Proud! - Shaylee, Ensemble

Food, Love, & Shelter - Eric

Old Friends - Ariel, Ben, Hannah

Be Nancy Drew - Shaylee, Camden

An Unwritten Song - Shaylee

(memory cloud 2) - Ensemble

Ninety Degrees - Camden, Ben, Ensemble

A Moment of Grace - Shaylee, Eric, Ariel

Stoplight on the Corner - Ensemble

Simple Things - Shaylee

To the Sky - Camden, Shaylee, Ensemble


Director - Emma Cordray

Emma is a director and dramaturg from Columbus, Ohio and has been working on Birds & Beansprouts since May of 2019. She is spending the 2021-2022 academic year in Madrid, Spain as a Fulbright Scholar.


View her work at:

Producer - Ella Rosenblum

Ella is a producer, stage manager, and production manager from New York City and has been working on Birds & Beansprouts since December of 2019.


View her LinkedIn at:

Stay tuned for future readings, workshops, and productions!

Musical Numbers - Act Two

Snowmelt River - Ben, Hannah

Bedroom Greenhouse - Shaylee

Portland, Oregon/Keys - All

The Little Bird (reprise) - Shaylee, Andrea

In Silence - Ensemble

Dark - Ensemble

Waiting for the Light - Ariel

On the Floor - Shaylee

House, Home - Ben, Hannah

Spring & Summer - All

Okay With That - Camden, Shaylee

Colors - Shaylee, Ensemble

(memory cloud 3) - Ensemble

Chipping Away - Eric

Back to Where I Started - Shaylee

Alis Volat Propriis - Ben, Shaylee, Ensemble