Ukulele Lessons


- remote students will record a video of themselves playing the pieces they've been practicing before each lesson

- if the student is taking lessons in person, they will play through each of their pieces in their lesson each week 

- at each lesson, students will work through sections of pieces and gain feedback on technique and musicality

- students will occasionally be given theory homework outside of their practicing

- as students gains technique, the pieces they practice will grow in difficulty


- fingering patterns that allow for easier playing in various keys 

- melodic phrasing to bring out a piece's natural emotion

- quickly glancing at a piece and successfully sight reading

- knowledge of theory to understand harmonic textures of pieces

- knowledge of various periods of music to understand styles of playing

- analyzing existing work by various artists and applying their techniques

- playing from a variety of genres to understand playing styles of each

Virtual Studio

- all lessons are conducted online over video call, though other options exist for students who may not have that resource

- lessons are only offered in English but there are no restrictions to where the student may be when taking them

- if a student is local, they have the option to study in person 

- lessons repeat on a weekly basis in hour and half hour increments unless otherwise requested

- a consultation lesson is required of each incoming student at a "One Time" rate prior to beginning weekly lessons

Rates & Interest Form

One Time Half Hour Lesson - $20

One Time Full Hour Lesson - $40

One Time lessons are for first time students who are interested in taking long term and need a consultation session, or for students who are interested in temporarily taking lessons. 

Full Hour lessons allow for more pieces to be played in a lesson, giving the student the ability to work on a variety of music in their practices. These lessons also allow for extra work and research to be done during the lesson, reducing potential theory homework. 

Weekly Half Hour Lessons - $75/month

Weekly Full Hour Lessons - $150/month

Students will be able to take their weekly lessons at a discount when paid by the month rather than by the week, these payments are made with the first lesson of each month on the calendar. This is the expected option for students who are taking lessons long term.

Students retain their right to end their weekly lessons whenever they please but will not be reimbursed if they don't finish a month's worth of lessons. If a student misses a lesson, it can be rescheduled at no extra cost.

Payments can be made with Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, ApplePay, or can be sent in by mail.