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B  o  o  k    •    M  u  s  i  c    •    L  y  r  i  c  s

S  y  n  o  p  s  i  s

Katie, a student speaker at her high school graduation ceremony, struggles to realize how important living in the moment can be in key events of one's life. She has not seen her dad since he was deployed in the military and can only think about seeing him again, taking precise steps to that moment. She contrasts with her best friend Sam, who has no serious plans after graduating high school and just wants to live a carefree lifestyle. They sit through their graduation arguing about their classmates and thinking about what is to come not only in the next few years but also in the next few moments. 

P  r  o  d  u  c  t  i  o  n     H  i  s  t  o  r  y

A staged reading was produced by the Wilsonville High School Drama Club on June 9th, 2017. Directed by Joe Young and Izzy Ochocki, featuring Summer Wille as Katie, Anna Carr as Sam, Ashlyn Rose as Mrs. Price, and Noah Hansen as John.

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